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Ankit Tiwari charms once again with Ek Villain Returns songs: Fans shower love on twitter.

- 27 July 2022

Ankit Tiwari charms once again with Ek Villain Returns songs: Fans shower love on twitter.

Ankit Tiwari has once again given bollywood another love’ anthem of the year, “Galliyan returns,” and “Shaamat” being the rock anthem of the year. Fans are going hay Vaya on twitter, showering so much of love on Galliyan returns and Shaamat. Netizens are already crazy about his voice and spotify is the proof. The galliyan returns has come to 1st position in the list of most played songs on spotify making Ankit’s spotify followers jump to 10 million. All the hard work he must have put to make the love song dark and hit the benchmark of Galliyan, finally pays off. Also, netizens are loving the twist of little darkness in the song as life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.


Ankit has given bollywood another hit series of songs Galliyan returns and Shaamat. The combination of singer Ankit Tiwari and actor Tara Sutaria was phenomenal. The jodi has won so many hearts with their charming performances. Shaamat indeed felt like a breath of fresh air. Ankit after singing with Shraddha, Alia and other actors in their movies as well, he gave another best performance with Tara.

A twitter user posted for Galliyan, “this song is purely love and Ankit Tiwari’s voice has indeed made it more special.” Yet another fan wrote, “just heard GalliyanReturns, and this time #ankittiwaris voice in rock version. #Ekvillainreturns. Different lyrics….different zone!” Touched with the song a netizen says, “why am I listening to Galliyan returns on loop, I have no idea! Maybe theres something wrong with me or maybe the song is slowly growing on me.”

A fan showers love on twitter says, “another fab song from Ek Villain Returns. Here is Shaamat sung by TaraSutaria herself along with Ankit Tiwari. @mohit11481 is the king when it comes to music…. hence, I call him music suri. #Ekvillainreturns.” Fan gets emotional, “I always get hooked on a song at once if it comes my soul & body together. #Shaamat is a that kind of a song. Tara has done a fabulous a job, given her all to this song. Ankit Tiwari has remarkably used a melancholic tone with words penned by Dubey.” A fan expresses, “Absolutely magical to listen to Shaamat by Ankit Tiwari on loop! Even Tara’s voice is so really refreshing, but he nailed it in the end. Ankit Tiwari Shaamat.” A fan goes ga-ga, says, “When Ankit Tiwari sings, world becomes a better place to be alive. We love you, Ankit. Ankit Tiwari Shaamat.”

Clearly, Ankit has touched so many hearts with his songs earlier and continues to do so with his melodious voice in Galliyan & Shaamat. They are indeed a superhit as we must say. Hope we keep getting such hits from the singer.